Thursday, March 14, 2013

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus PS Vita Review

A surprisingly deep action ecchi brawler that delivers blow by oppai

        The Senran Kagura series is known to be a fan service heavy series of games, at least thats a half truth and for detractors of the series the only point they ever hit on (oh and how this series is sexist). What Senran Kagura at least on the 3DS really is is a great side scrolling beat em up that is both fun and has large amounts of oppai service. Shinovi Versus moves the 2D brawler in 3D territory and amps up everything that made this series so great. So basically theres four schools to choose from, each school having five members each. Each member has a series of character story missions and each school has five chapters for its own missions. I would talk about the story but unfortunately my Japanese is not on par to where it should be, so I won't spoil anything. 

         Each character has a rather large move set to use in combat, both on ground and in the air. As well as two transformation modes Shinobi Transform gives the girl a new costume and access to three special abilities called ninpos. The other form is sort of like a last ditch or berserker mode where the girl in question busts (literally) out of her attire and gains a massive increase in power and access to her skills. Though she takes damage at a much greater rate then before. Though at times the game can be challenging, but where this game really shines is in its multiplayer mode. Which has a plethora of modes to play which include if I'm not mistaken Strip mode and straight up Brawl.

        There are a ton of characters and I'm sure you will find one or a few that you will like, whats been added this time is a Locker Room where you can swap out outfits and panties. Plus special equipment like cat ears and tails. There are quite a few unlockables, but I kinda wish there had been more. Did I forget to mention there is a brilliant thing called the Panty Lottery in which you use points accumulated during the course of the game to unlock 98 different kinds of panties for the lovies to where. So I talked about the echiness in this game well I'll show you these:

      Anyway this game apart from all the fan service is actually a very awesome enjoyable brawler on the PS Vita and if I may say so probably one of the best games on the hand held. If your waiting for a international release good luck cause its never gonna happen import it and have some fun.

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus: 8.5/10
+Large rooster of characters
+Deep fluid combat engine
-Daidouji and Rin are DLC characters, why couldn't they be in the full package.

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