Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PS Vita Impressions

              The PS Vita has been on the shelves for just over a year, I picked mine up around boxing day last year and I think I have enough play time with it to make a impressions video. The Vita isn't a bad system, it's actually quite a good one to be frank. The system is durable, the interface is sleek, and the controls and thumbsticks feel great. It is a solid piece of hardware and at the price I got it for quite a steal to. Though what can kill a system in no time is the amount of games it has and if the games are any good. I had this problem with the original PSP, in which it took years for any good games to be made for the system. A year out and the PS Vita's North American Library is still quite small. There are only maybe a handful of games that are great (Gravity Rush, Persona 4 Golden, Disgaea 3) but there just isn't that big of a selection yet. I do have two imports I play more often then not (Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus and Genkai Totsuki Monster Monpiece) but imports are not enough to sustain the PS Vitas life. Thats not to say new games are not coming out, most of them are just ports of older games (Soul Sacrifice being a exception). I think what I;m trying to get at here is that like its predecessors' the PS Vita will have a long life cycle which in all fairness probably means we won't really see any good original games for a fairly lengthy amount of time.

           Which is fine, considering that I'm pretty much busy all the time it wont be a big deal until I make it one. Anyway while the hardware is solid, the software is as usual lagging behind but I bet when the PS4 is released we will see Sony push for more PS Vita specific things. Not that I'm going to jump on the PS4 right away, I think for now I will be sticking to handhelds. I still think the price is too high, Sony managed to slash the price in Japan I don't see a reason not to over here. Anyway for what its worth the PS Vita is a good system, but if you are looking for that killer app then I would suggest waiting a little bit. I was lucky enough to find a store by chance that was clearing out their stock because they had been going out of business. I essentially picked up most of the NA PS Vita library for under 80$ it was a pretty great deal.

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