Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review

A Average Day to Die Hard
        Personally after Die Hard 3 there was no real need for another one, though Hollywood likes to ruin good series with new movies that don't really fit into the franchise. Anyway Die Hard 5 is just your average action film at best. It has all your standard Die Hard tropes, and classic John Mcclane lines and some fairly bombastic action scenes. John reunites with his long lost son who hasn't been seen since the original Die Hard almost 30 years ago. Its says something when Hollywood forgoes practical effects and ops in for cgi, its not terrible but I always like the practical stuff more so then the computer graphics. The story isn't that good, but then again neither was the second Die Hard ( my personal worst movie in the franchise). Die Hard 5 is at best a decent action movie with some cool set pieces and at worst a tired film in a franchise that in my opinion should have stopped at 4.

A Good Day to Die Hard: 6/10
+cool set pieces
-not much else

Sorry for the short review I am pressed for time.

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  1. It very almost comes across as insultingly awful, but there's worse out there, I am certain of that much. However, being a part of the Die Hard franchise: it is a huge and total disappointment. Good review Michael.