Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Last Stand Movie Review

         For Arnold's first feature film The Last Stand is a good action flick, it never gets to Commando levels and it is nowhere near as bad as Red Heat. In the film Arnold plays the role of Ray Owens the Sheriff of a small town on the Arizona border to Mexico, and he is the only thing stopping a notorious Mexican Cartel Boss from making his escape. The story is your typical action movie fair, and the dialogue is nothing to write home about but what makes this movie fairly interesting is the car that the bad guy uses (something called a Zero 1) and how well the directed the action scenes seem to be. This is after all director Jee-woon Kims first Hollywood film, he is credited for South Koreans films such as The Good, The Bad, and The Weird as well as A Tale of Two Sisters both of which I have seen and for the most part liked.

       While I think this movie could have had a little more action in it the segments that are in this film are fairly entertaining and of course with these older action stars you have all the jokes about how old they are, which can be funny to some I don't mind them that much. If you are looking for a triple A action Commando Style movie then The Last Stand isn't for you, if you want a tight good action movie with polish that has Arnold in the lead role then this is the movie for you just don't go expecting a Expendables style film.

The Last Stand: 7/10
+Good Action Scenes
+Arnold is Back
-Could have used a few more explosions

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  1. I saw this the other night in an advanced screening. Cheesy fun is definitely how I will describe it. But one thing REALLY annoyed me. The whole Chevy product placement in this movie was just WAY over the top… I mean, I understand product placement, I really do, but whent hey start talking about the car, giving stats on it, showing digital 360 views of the car like you’re on their website reading about it, it’s a little annoying…