Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Django Unchained Review

Another Great Movie From Tarantino

     Tarantino has made some of my all time favourite movies (Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs) Django Unchained continues in a long line of great films Tarantino has created. This is a typical Tarantino flick, which means lots of bullets, blood, and long drawn out scenes. Jamie Foxx stars as Django a slave turned freeman bounty hunter who with the help of Dr. Schultz (Christoph Waltz) collects bounties and eventually faces off with Monsieur Candy played by Leonardo Dicaprio who in this role is great pseudo villain. Of course all of Tarantino's staple actors make some sort of cameo in this film, though Samuel L. Jackson has by far some of the best moments in the film especially when put up against Jamie Foxx's character. Not to be out done Christoph Waltz is the elder bounty hunter who dislikes slavery but who deals in a body traded much the same. He takes Django under his wing to teach him how to survive and ultimately help in the end game. Waltz performance in this film is in my opinion just a tad bit better then in Inglorious Basterds. The acting is great over the top staple Tarantino acting/direction. 

   The set pieces in this movie are great both the action and talking pieces are superbly executed and while I'm not one for western movies I do like a good revenge flick. Like I stated above lots of bullets and lots of blood, people who get shot generally explode in a shower of blood. This all culminates in the final bloody act, its ridiculous and messy with a cameo by someone nobody expected but it turns out to be awesome carnage and in a way it is beautiful carnage. It all fits well and is smooth in its execution, this is classic Tarantino and it is good. The score in this film is also very good, it has elements of classic western songs and new age rap placed in key parts that work very well, its not the best score I have heard but it works and it fits where it should.

  Overall I think Django Unchained is a great Tarantino flick and while not the most politically correct movie out there it is a great and thrilling ride.

Django Unchained: 8/10
+Great Action
+Good Acting


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  1. A fun, wild ride like only Quentin can provide. Funny, heartbreaking, bloody and profane, I left the theater with a new respect for Don Johnson. You heard me. Good review Michael.