Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Haunted House (2013) Movie Review

Not Another Spoof Movie.....

      Okay so we all know that most if not all spoof movies are terrible by nature, I mean come on the premise of a spoof is Nonsense and/or tomfoolery so anyone expecting this too be good should just close this page and read something else maybe Perez because you know....forget it. Anyway this movie is a straight parody of Paranormal Activity (a series or dumb-down, bore fest of a series that somehow has gained a foothold with the not so intelligent people of this planet) which means you'll get all the movie pots and pans, crazy ghost stuff, and horribly racist yet funny in a I'm not laughing but I really am sort of way. 

    To be honest this movie isn't all that bad, it has a lot of funny jokes and one liners. But like all these movies (Scary Movie and the like) there just isn't enough going for it to make it any good. Wayans has some funny moments but the rest of the cast just seems flat and boring, a lot of the other jokes just don't work. Though this movie is great for making fun of how terrible Paranormal Activity really is so in my books thats a win any day. Then again I try to be as reasonable as possible and give a better review (in less then 1000 words) then all those half baked "real" movie critics.

   A Haunted House isn't for anyone looking for a smart laugh, its more for poop jokes and racial jokes that make white people cringe in fear of laughing at them. Fear aside A Haunted House is just your average one time laughathon that doesn't do anything for the genre....or take anything away from it.

A Haunted House: 5/10
+Some good Laughs/Set Pieces
-pretty much everything else

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