Friday, December 14, 2012

The Hobbit Part 1 Review

For fans this is a great film, for critics get another line of work
           I am quite fond of Tolkien's works, which includes the War of the Ring Saga and the Hobbit era. Personally I like his other works on middle earth like the Silmarillion but thats not here or there. The Hobbit Part 1 is as you can imagine the first part of a new trilogy from Jackson, you might be wondering how this on e 300 page book could be split into three parts as there had only been one movie for one Rings book almost a decade ago. Well this is not just the Hobbit, but Jackson has add elements from other middle earth tales into this movie which in my opinion is great it works well. Now Bilbo Baggins is pushed by Gandalf the Grey to join a group of dwarves heading to reclaim their fallen kingdom and rid the world last dragon Smaug. The first part covers to about the first quarter of the book and covers the Goblin King encounter and Bilbo claiming the Ring from Gollum. For a almost 3hr movie I was pleasantly surprised at the pacing, many reviews claim that this movie feels like a sluggish and less exciting version of the original trilogy but I actually feel the pacing is way better in this film. Plus you have only one central story to follow so it will give Jackson a better more tighter story with Bilbo then Frodo. Now I did mention Jackson was using other stories from the other resources, but the one shown so far is written in a way that it feels natural and works well in the plot even if it isn't in the original work.

         I did see this movie in 48fps and I really can't understand way people hate it so much, to me it doesn't take away anything in fact it adds a nice depth and feel to the movie. The cinematography is great and the action and battle scenes are vivid, loud, and great to look at. The cg is also upgraded this time and everything looks more life like though the only ones that stood out had been the two bad guys, they looked a bit at odds with the rest but it didn't take to much from the immersion of the film. The score is also pretty good, its a remix of many of the older songs from the trilogy and a great many more original ones made for the film it all sounded fantastic. The only downside to this whole movie is that it is in three parts, by the end of the first part I really wanted to see what happens next even though I know whats in store I really do not want to wait a full year for the next instalment.

The Hobbit Part 1: 8/10
+Great Visuals
+Story is superb
+For the fans
-First of three parts 
-Some reused songs 

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