Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012: A Year in Review and New Year Peak

Considering this was supposed to be our final year on earth, its was just a meh year

         2012 for me was a okay year, not that much happened this year in my life well stuff happened but it wasn't of the exciting sort. It was also a year that saw many lack lustre video games, movies, anime, and the like. Even my annual new anime show intake was sufficiently less then it was last year. Hell the most exciting thing that happen to me in the last few months was my PC upgrade last month which is kind of sad, though the summer had some good moments they happened in such small bursts they are not worth mentioning. Though Fan Expo this year was actually pretty good and I even got my sister to show up one day (she liked it even though it was uber busy) other then that most of the year was spent continuing my education. I wished I spent some more time improving my photography but I just couldn't muster the creative strength to do it, this is something that I will address in the new year as I want to improve this skill significantly this year. 

       Speaking of New Year, I plan on attending more conventions and improving my photography as stated above. I will still continue to do reviews on games, movies, anime, and other media I decide to dabble in. I will also hopefully be graduating this year so I will finally be free of one burden to have another one placed on me. I don't have too much planned at this point but I will make things clear in advance and post on this blog and my social sites on when things are coming. Most of my other weekly posts will still be going on as usual so thats there for people to continue reading. 

       I think I'll leave it there for today, I just wanted to briefly explain how my year went it wasn't terrible but at the same time it wasn't awesome or even marginally good either way I hope you all will continue to read my posts and follow me on the many sites I in habit.

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