Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Silent Hill Revelations 3D Movie Review

        To say that the original Silent Hill movie was one of the better video game adaptations wouldn't be far off. While it was no blockbuster triple A title it did stay fairly close to the game and it was fairly enjoyable a decent horror movie and adaptation. Following in the footsteps of the first Revelations follows a slightly older version of Heather Mason as she is pulled back into the nightmare that is Silent Hill. Sean Bean is back as the father and while his role is bigger in this he does a fine job and it's safe to say he survives this film unlike many of his others. Anyway this film looks and feels identical to the first which isn't a bad thing as it can still be very creepy and suspenseful when the world starts to decay into the nightmare realm. Though the pacing feels a little to fast, especially at the start where we are hit with all the information from the first movie and then it shoots right to the present day, bam next minute we are in Silent Hill and people are going crazy. The other thing I have against this movie is when it uses CG some of it is good because its subtle, but then there's one part in particular thats so bad it makes you cringe a little. 3D isn't really that big in this movie other then some gimmicks but it doesn't subtract anything, just adds to the tickets price.

       I never really got into these games so I can't really go into the similarities and differences between the two works but one can tell the people creating this movie has a love of the original source material. Though at times I found that the plot was a little bit to thin, a girl going to go rescue her father even though everyone tells her to stay away it certainly needed a little more tightening but it still makes for a pretty okay generic plot. You won't find yourself being captivated by it but lets face it this is a horror movie and in the age of remakes/re-branding and unoriginal idea's its nice to see a decent take on a established franchise, even if it isn't the best it could be.

      Fans may be off put because it doesn't follow the games to a t (but what are we thinking you can never please fans any more such a fickle bunch) it is still a good follow up to the original and will probably get another sequel sometime in the near future.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D: 6/10
+Solid Adaptation
+Good Vibe/Feel
+Sean Bean Lives!
-CG feels out of place
-pacing issues
-3D is pointless at this stage

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