Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

It's not Tekken 7 but it sure feels like it minus the story
      Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (TTT2) is the sequel to the original released back on the PS1. The most notable feature of the tag series was the inclusion of most of the roster of characters (minus some obscure ones) and what else but the 2-on-2 matches with a partner tagging in and out when desired. Tekken Tag 2 is not only a overhaul of the Tekken 6 engine nor is it just a sequel to the 1st title, Tekken Tag 2 is one of those rare fighting games that does everything excellent and leaves nothing behind for next time. One of the most notable things about the game is its huge roster of over 50 fighters (with apparently more planned for later DLC). What this means is that everyone's favourite of the series will have shown up in this game. On top of that we get a pretty good customization mode in this game as well (not as good as Soul Caliburs but it is still a great addition nonetheless). There is a lot of things to unlock for this mode, from costumes to special items that can be used during matches you can make your favourite character even cooler/sexier/badass/etc. The problem of getting money that was present in Tekken 6 is no more you can easily make 10-20 million worth of currency fairly fast.

    Online mode is strong in this game, there is the typical ranked and player match and then the standard leader boards so you can see how much better you are then everyone else. The online is surprisingly stable and while I did experience some lag it wasn't enough to stop the match and it wasn't even that annoying. Another big thing that Namco pushed was the World Tekken Federation, and while this is not part of the game itself it has still yet to be implemented (so much for on launch) it is supposed to be ready in a few days. The offline offerings are more satisfactory this time around. There is the standard Arcade/versus/team/survival and those are great but what I love this time around is the Ghost battle mode. I have easily sunk more hours into this then the other modes. Tekken tunes is also a cool feature, it allows you to switch out the music in the stages this is a cool feature and a nice gimmick but unless you already have a lot of music on your system I don't see this very useful but its good nonetheless.

   The graphics have gotten a overhaul since Tekken 6 and they look great for the most part, motion blur can be turned off which is a nice feature and the character models all are very detailed. The Stages are as well very detailed and it is cool to see your character get dirty/wet when they fall. The music is again your standard fair of electronic/club beats which could be annoying if you already hate that genre but it is tolerable. Though if you come just for the look of the game maybe you should take a step back and realise that graphics do not make a game, but with that said it still looks great.

   Overall Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is the complete package, and I will say this Tekken Tag 2 is so far the best fighting game I have played. Based on the simple facts that the developers put so much into this package and fine-tuned the fighting to be the best in the series. This is a must get for any fighting game fan and especially for Tekken fans.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: 10/10
+Full Package
+Great Amount of Modes
+Solid Online Play
+Biggest roster of any fighting game    

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