Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Expendables 2 Movie Review

       Finally this is what the first movie should have been, non stop action, little to no plot, and Chuck Norris. The Expendables 2 is not the greatest action movie I have ever witnessed but it is a solid and at many times a funny and entertaining movie that pokes fun at the age of most of the title actors. Stallone, Willis, Arnold, Chuck, Van Damme are all great in their parts and while Damme doesn't have any comedic parts (other then the usual engrish slip ups) hearing Chuck Norris jokes from the man who has two modes: walk and kill is great. The action is long, intense, and bloody which for this type of movie is a must, it drops the morality of the first one and decides that it isn't bigger then its britches. Maybe its just me but I think Stallone has trouble speaking his lines, they feel forced and at points I had to listen closely or I couldn't hear what he was saying. Other times I had no idea what he just said and it left me more then a little confused. Another thing that surprised me (or maybe not) was the amount of laughs I had found in this movie. From Lundregens Frankenstein impressions to the trios all to famous character quotes. Or maybe its the fact that Norris himself probably makes up for 75% of the enemy kills (though there is a absence of roundhouse decapitations, but we can forgive the man who orders a whopper at McDonald and gets it). There is one particular dramatic part that doesn't really make sense and slows the movie down its quickly dispatched which is a good thing because it felt out of place like much of the story in the first movie. The movie is a solid action flick that doesn't disappoint, the trailers before the movie are also full of other upcoming action movies from the big three.

The Expendables 2: 7/10
+Great Action
+Chuck Norris
+ Surprisingly funny
-The final showdown while epic was kind of a let down (the final fight not the airport sequence)

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