Monday, August 27, 2012

Fan Expo Closing Thoughts

Since I missed last years expo I had to attend this years, now I had a Premium pass and I had entry for all four days but decided to skip out on today's part because of fatigue. I've been quite busy the last week.

I digress, Fanexpo was great this year its gotten bigger over the years which showed during this past weekend. Though the only real downside was once again the layout and placement of certain things and the nonsensical way that some of these lines had been constructed made more then a few people storm off. Unlike previous cons I did not buy any figmas, nendos, or toys whatsoever which surprised me though I did spend a lot on art, the Unlimated Blade Works Blu ray, and the Type/Moon Banpresto Saber pillow (the one that has all four of them lying down in their sexy skivvies).

The cosplay was in my opinion better the before, and I was excited to see a few characters that I never thought I would get to see cosplayed (for better or worse). You could tell though that Batman was a huge influence on costume choice as the number of Dark Knights/Banes/Catwomen/etc. Though this is to be expected and for the most part wasn't a bad thing.

Like the years before I enjoyed myself, and while the crowds are getting noticeably bigger the quality of the event seems also to be rising. All-in-all I had fun even though I was seriously lacking sleep going into the event it turned out to be just the relaxation I needed.

Fanexpo 2012: 8/10
+Bigger Better
+Nice room for premium members
-Nonsensical Line Management 
-Some wonky coordination 


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