Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fan Expo 2012 August 23-26 Preview

                                                      Fan Expo 2012 August 23-26

          I know I said I wasn't going to post anything on account of me being super busy but this is a quick reminder about he event going on that I am attending and one that is held annually. It is the biggest event of its kind in Canada and draws thousands of fans from all different genres.

          Anyway information for the event can be found on its website located HERE, if you are in the area and you love Anime, Horror, Sci-fi, Comics, Gaming then I urge you to take a day or two and experience a great convention. As per usual I will be attending all four days as I bought my Premium pass months in advance (all premium passes are sold out). I will be taking a ton of pictures and while I won't have daily coverage of the con I will be posting quite regularly when I get back to base the following week. They have added a extra day because of a increased interest in the convention. If you hold a premium pass you can get in at 2pm on Thursday. 

Schedule for the con is as follows:
Thur: 4-9pm
Fri: 10-7pm
Sat: 10-7pm
Sun: 10-5pm

       Just some tips for the con, Thur and Friday are good days if you want to miss the huge crowds. Though there will be significantly less cosplayers and the vendors will have their wares on full price generally. Sat is good for major panels and usually a ton of cosplayers show up for the masquerade which is a big draw, though huge crowds and long lines make this day a chore for people who just want to explore and roam. Sunday is a good day to go shopping as most vendors usually will have massive deals to get rid of unwanted merchandise, more relaxed then Sat which also means all but the most hardcore of cosplayers will usually dress in their regular attire. All in all if you can't make it to some other big name conventions Fanexpo is pretty good, though eventually I would like to hit up some of the big names in the states and a few down in Japan. Hope this helps and I'll see you on the show floor.


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