Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anime Review: Star Driver

       Star Driver is not my favourite mecha show (that belongs to Evangelion) but it is nonetheless enjoyable. The story is your typical one against the world plot and it doesn't really do anything new in terms of plot devices. The story isn't bad but you can easily tell where its taking you. Though my one complaint if you will is the fact that there is no proper ending to the series, relationships are left open and in no way is anything tied up. It just ends. The animation is great looking and the mecha battles are awesome and fluid, though other shows do things like story better this one has better battle scenes. What I liked most about this show was the song played in the first half of the season when the main character transforms, that was by far my favourite part of this show and thats a shame because if they tightened up the plot and actually gave proper resolutions to some of these characters then this would be way better then it currently is.

Star Driver: 7/10
+Fluid Battle Scene
+Pretty Good Score
-loose plot points
-no resolution

  I know this review is terribly short, but I want to try to get to the point instead of rambling on. Some of my reviews will be longer depending on how much I enjoyed the thing or how much I couldn't care about it.

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