Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Review

   Generally speaking the movie that ends a trilogy tends to not be as good as the second or even first. Return of the Jedi, Alien 3, Rambo Part 3, The Godfather 3, these movies have to close their respective trilogies. Some of these movies listed are by no means terrible movies, but they are not as good as the previous ones. I always like Nolan's Batman movies as they bring him closer to reality and grittier then what was portrayed before. I like the trilogy of films and as adaptations go they are by far the best, but I do not think they are the be all and end all of comic book movies. Eight years after The Dark Knight we find a Batmanless Gotham, the city has never been safer. Bruce Wayne on the other hand is a shut in who hasn't been seen for nearly the same amount of time. Its in this state that we see what the years of fighting has done to Mr. Wayne. I'll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible so I will leave the explanation of the story at that.

  Nolan knows how to create great movies and this one is no exception, it looks great from the set pieces to the gothic look of the city Nolan has created a comic book world so well it has made all the other ones feel a little bit inferior. Zimmer score is good, if you are familiar with the stuff from Begins and Dark Knight then you will be familiar with this though at times I found it weird that the score was louder then some of the dialogue guess someone forgot to edit some parts properly. Though being a great movie means that it has some stuff holding it back namely the pacing (which wasn't a big deal but the flashbacks felt a little drawn out) and the title villain Bane. This is what Bane is supposed to be, a tank and a leader. He is smart and inhumanly strong without the need for drugs. Tom Hardy does a great job portraying him, and this movie does to a great job in upping the scale of its own world, but when you had a excellently played villain in the previous one you need to have one who is equally as good and unfortunately it is not Bane even though I love the character in this film. Bale is still one of the better Batmen, and Oldman is a great Gordon. Followed by great performances by Freeman and Cain (who I thought was brilliant in this film). Though what surprised me the most was Anne Hathaways role as Catwoman, this was by far the best performance in the whole movie she was great and pretty sexy to.

  As it stands The Dark Knight Rises is a great movie, not a perfect one but a great one nonetheless, if it had come out as the second movie it probably would have been a tad bit better. Thats my opinion but hey thats why you read my reviews right.

The Dark Knight Rises 7.5/10
+Solid Cast
+Great cinematography
-Pacing is a tad slow

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  1. With a time-limit that comes close to towering in at 3 hours, this flick could have easily dragged itself around aimlessly, only to cash-in on tying it all up in the end, but that’s not the case here. This is grade-A film-making right here, courtesy of Christopher Nolan and not only was it a great send-off to the trilogy he has made so loved by everybody out there in the world, but also a perfect way to show that he is grateful for each and every fan that has supported him throughout these years. Good review Michael.