Monday, July 23, 2012

Character Spotlight: Reika Shimohira

Warning this whole post contains spoilers so if you are reading Gantz or wanting to read it then close your eyes when you see writing, but don't keep them closed all the way as you want to know when the pictures come up. It is also safe to assume that there will be NSFW pictures in this post as Gantz itself is a mature and fucked up series. Nonetheless this is by far one of the best ongoing series right now and I urge people to check it out...if they have the stomach for it.

Reika/Born September 23rd, 1985, in Tokyo.Bust 86 Waist 59 Hips 86. Blood type O.She began her modeling career at age 14. Afterwards, having great success in photo shoots, television dramas, and movies, she had been recognized as a top idol. In this magazine we'll go back through her past year's work.

A beautiful, young and popular idol, famous for her acting, modeling, and singing. Like almost everyone else, she is caught in the line of fire during Izumi's killing spree in Shinjuku. She develops a crush on Kurono after seeing him in action during her first night as a participant in the game (the Dinosaur Mission). Gantz used to call her "Kurono's #1 Fan," but now he just calls her "Reika." Surprisingly enough, she proves to be a formidable opponent against the Aliens. She uses her points to resurrect Tae because she wants Kurono to be happy. It is not until Kurono chooses to be free that she confesses to him that she loves him.

After Kurono departs from the game, she is appointed the new team leader of Gantz. She receives a phone call from Kurono just before he is attacked by the vampires, but does not arrive in time to save his life; she even tries to hold on to Kurono's body in order to be transferred with him in the hope of reviving him. However, this is stopped by one of the vampires who uses her body to transfer to the Gantz room instead.

During the Nurarihyon mission, some of the team elected Reika as their leader, rather than Kato who was leader in previous games before Kurono, during this mission her leader skills were proved to be not quite as effective as Kato's or Kei's but she managed to survive the mission. Afterwards, Kurono was revived during the scoring by Kato who had gained 100 points in that mission. With Reika's rejoice she soon learns that Kei's feelings for her aren't the same, and even turns down fellow teammate Inaba to confess her love to Kurono, though she is rejected and vows to make Kurono hers.

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