Saturday, June 23, 2012

Retro/Classic Review: Kung Fu NES

You are the Kung Fu Master!
       I recently picked up Kung Fu for the NES and while being released early on in the NES' life this game still holds up quite well. Those looking for a challenge will find one here as it can be extremely difficult the first few times you play. Basically you go left or right beating up and dodging what comes after you. Its a simple premise and likewise its pretty fun. There is a story, you must save Silvia from Mr. X. This is a port of Kung Fu Master for the arcades, and while I never played that one this seems like a good port. There are few different types of enemies. There's the kamikaze enemies, the hobbits, the knife throwers, dragons, snakes, etc. You can also bring a buddy along if you so choose. Though graphics aren't everything this game does look great for a 20+ year old game.

   All in all if you want a simple yet hard beat-em up then Kung Fu delivers, this game was pretty popular in the day and finding a copy shouldn't be a problem. This is a must for collectors and for fans of beat-em ups, especially good ones.

Kung Fu 8/10
+Fast Paced
+Good yet simplistic combat
-Bosses are a little cheap

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