Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dragons Dogma PS3 Review

Capcoms answer to Dark Souls

         To be fair this game is a lot like Dark and Demon Souls but is less punishing and more rewarding in many ways. Though at points you will get frustrated and annoyed, but those are few and far between in this surprisingly great game from Capcom. This games character creation is pretty deep and will satisfy anyone's inner wanting to create a unique avatar and pawn. I easily spent a hour creating my own avatar, and his pawn. The pawns are followers that help you on your adventure, they fight and give you information depending on what the situation demands. Unlike other games these pawns are actually fairly smart and will heal you when you need it and back you up when your taking heavy damage. Though at times they can be super chatty to me it didn't effect the experience too much. My only real problem is that they pawns will never heal you fully, they'll heal you only if your health bar drops to red. You have one pawn that levels with you and is fully customizable like your avatar, but to get the other two you must enter the Rift and summon other peoples pawns which is cool.

    The story itself is pretty dull, a dragon comes back and eats your heart and its up to you as the Arisen to kill the dragon and save the world. Though the meat of the game lies in its exploration and side quests which there are hundreds the lack of fast travel of sorts is kind of a bother but you get use to it eventually. The combat is great and fluid, if you played a lot of Monster Hunter then you should feel at home with this combat system. There is a ton of weapons and armour to pimp out you warrior, though being a RPG this is standard territory. You have the choice of three starter classes: Fighter, Strider, Mage but after some extensive play you can unlock six more three only for your character. The classes are; Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer the three hybrids are Magic Knight, Magic Archer, and Assassin. All the classes have great advantages and are equally fun to play.

  The visual in this game are good, though if this game ever reaches PC mods would and should allow some better textures and visuals. I digress the visuals are nice and some vistas are stunning but the graphical level is a bit above average which isn't a bad thing. The audio on the other hand is great from swords clashing to magic spells exploding, ogres slamming the ground and the dragons overhead. The over world music is great with amazingly beautiful set pieces during epic battles, this soundtrack is worth a purchase on its own.

   In the end Capcom has produced a surprisingly great RPG that is deep enough to feed your inner adventurer without taking an arrow to the knee....Now maybe they will release a monster hunter for the PS3.

+Deep Customization
+Fun combat
-Long travelling
-some cheap moments.

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