Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Schedule and April round up

     All right folks this is the monthly round up for April and preview May. This will be a monthly post where I recap what I did the previous month and preview the next one. So here we go.

    April was a busy month for me, finals at university and a lack of funds kind of hindered the reviews and posts this month. Though my posts had been more frequent and my blog had received mire hits this month then last one combined. Some of my favourite posts:

+The Cabin in the Woods Review
+Monster Girl Quest 2
+Sword Girls

  Now May will be less busy, but I have more things planned for this month. Which includes but not limited to:

+Diablo 3
+Dragons Dogma
+The Avengers
+God Bless America
+ Piranha 3DD

 The next one of these posts will be longer as I start to get the groove of these posts just right, other then that I hope you enjoy the posts.

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