Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ghost Recon Future Soldier PS3 Review

     We've been on this battlefield many times before, but not like this

      The last Clancy game I played was Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and I thought it was perhaps the best 3rd person shooter of this generation. That one combined smart tactical combat, intense fire fights, and a interesting story. Ghost Recon Future Soldier is like its predecessors in some ways and different in others. Unlike the previous iterations this game is less about tactics and more about action sequences, what I like to call the COD syndrome. Now fans may hate this change alone, and I for one wish they made this a little bit more tactical but it still works and is much better then most 3rd and 1st person shooters on the market. What is included in this game is your Campaign which is 10 hours long, a co-op survival mode, and multiplayer. The story is your typical save the world from Ultra-nationalist/Terrorist, its been done before, but what makes it better in this game is the tools you are given to reach your goal. One of the coolest additions to this game is the optic camo, which makes your character invisible. Though sneaking past a group of enemies is still dangerous and if one of them is looking in your direction and you are close enough you will be caught, it's not over powered and I tended to favour the stealthy approach to missions instead of shooting up every chance I got. There are also other things at your disposal; heat vision, a vision that can see just the guns of enemies, and various other tools that can scout or hide your character from danger or sabotage from a distance. 

    What is a shooter without its guns, and that's the biggest selling point of this game. A mode called gunsmith, there are roughly 40+ weapons in the game but what gunsmith allows you to do unlike the others that allow gun customization is to full customize your weapon of choice. I'm not talking about throwing on a camo and a silencer, what gunsmith allows you to do is change every part of the gun just like in real life. The barrel, firing pin, muzzle, gas system, sights, magazine, and stock are all customizable which gives the game a ton of depth. Lets talk about multiplayer for a little bit, its pretty good for a few reasons. There is a class system in play (Soldier, Engineer, Sniper) each with its own unique load out. You get points to unlock attachments and in certain levels you have the choice of choosing two unlockables for that class. Keep in mind that you may only choose one, the other becomes locked out for good. Gunsmith is also in multiplayer which makes it much more enjoyable. There are four or five game modes each unique and that have multiple in game objectives to accomplish for points. Do not expect to go all COD on this multiplayer because you will just keep dying, sure you'll get a few killings but you will not be able to capture objectives or hold down a area for any amount of time. Team work is key and if you have a strong team you will win 75% of the time. Though if both teams are strong you will have a intense and satisfying match that cannot be found in other games.
    Visually this game is good, not great I thought that Vegas 2 had some better design because of the setting but its no big deal. The soundtrack is your typical shooter fair, rock/technoish and some big orchestral sets for the big fights round up your standard fare for this genre. To tell you the truth I'm finding myself turning off the music in games a just playing with the ambient noise I find it a lot better.

   Overall GRFS is a great game for people who want to play a good shooter that doesn't start with Call or end with war. Though it would be nice if it was more tactically based it still does its name justice. This is a solid game that doesn't suffer any real bugs, but some choices leaves it out of being excellent. 

+Tight Controls
+Fluid combat and cover system
-Should be called Ghost Recon Semi Future Soldier, where are my Laser Guns and Robots (Just kidding, BLOPS2 comes out in fall)

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  1. When I watched a co-worker and friend of mine from Dish play yesterday, I noticed the controls are good but take some getting used to. The fellow Ghost AI is for the most part smart and will listen to you. There are also challenges in each level in the campaign and by completing these challenges it unlocks different guns and attachments you can use throughout the campaign. Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy the game right now (even if it was cheaper) so I added it to my Blockbuster@Home queue, it’s an affordable way to play and rent games, and right now you can even try it out with a free trial.