Thursday, May 3, 2012

Diablo 3 Preview

       All right people with just under two weeks to go till Diablo 3 is released I promised a preview and by god I will give you one. In this preview I will run down whats going to be in the game and a little bit of what we know about the story. The classes that are featured in Diablo 3 is as follows:

Barbarian: Melee & Damage dealing tank class. Primary attribute is Strength
Demon Hunter: Ranged deals damage and has the ability to set traps. Primary Attribute Dexterity
Monk: Melee & Defensive character. Primary Attribute Dexterity
Witch Doctor: Summoner & Curse Slinger, Primary Attribute Intelligence
Wizard: Magic Wielder, Primary Attribute Intelligence

     I kind of simplified the classes but yo get the picture, the three new characters incorporate elements of Diablo 2 characters not found in this game. For example, the Monk is a mix of the Paladin and the Assassins melee ability. It has been stated that if they make expansions then older classes will come back. There is also the ability to recruit three followers Kormac the Templar, Eirena the Enchantress, and Lyndon the Scoundrel. Unlike the player when they get depleted of HP they go into this rest state for a few seconds till they are ready for combat again. These followers can be tailored by the player anyway they like. Rune stones are back and I believe you will get one each time you level up. Which brings us to one of the bigger topics, Blizzard getting rid of skill trees. Instead they opted to offer a open and flexible skill system that can be tailored by the player right from the get go. They wanted to have a bigger emphasis on runes and passives.

   Like in previous games there are four difficulty levels: Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. They also added a Hardcore option which is selectable from the start, and what this does is it makes death permanent. You must beat the game on normal before you can play on the harder levels. PvP makes a return in the form of battle arenas, but they will not effect the PvM portion of the game so no greifing. A new addition is the Auction house and this is where you can spend real world money buying things. People speculated that it would be as low as 10 cents a transaction but I have heard from the latest TGN video that transactions will cost about a dollar a piece. If this is true then I will talk about it in the review as I am not really found of these elements.

   Twenty years have passed since the destruction of the Worldstone, the ending of Diablo II:Lord of Destruction. The world of Sanctuary was prepared for an invasion from the Burning Hells. However, the invasion never happened, prompting Deckard Cain to seek information as to why. Much of the story will be based around the Archangel Tyrael. Archangel Imperius is speculated to be present as well. It has been confirmed that at least one of the two remaining Lesser Evils, Azmodan and Belial, is behind the failed invasion of Sanctuary, and that Act II of the game will heavily focus on deception due to its association with Belial. That being said however, Diablo's return has been confirmed, despite his earlier death. Diablo III will end the storyline that began in the original game. However, it has been confirmed that it will not be the last game of the series and new storylines will develop. (Taken from Diablo 3 wiki)

   I'm really excited for this game and I cannot wait for May 15, I think I'll start of with a Barbarian and eventually work my way through the other characters. So until next time, peace out.

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