Friday, April 27, 2012

Mount & Blade: Warband PC Game Review

         I frequent steam a lot, meaning it is generally the only way I get my PC games from. This week Mount & Blade collection was on sale and I decided that I would try this trio of games. Instead of starting from the first game I decided to try the expansion, Warband. This game is not for everyone, it is difficult and it takes a large investment of time to do anything in the world but when you start accomplishing things it feels really good. The combat is hard but it is satisfying when you land a critical blow and kill your enemies. This is a big rpg world and while it isn't as big or detailed as the Elder Scrolls, it is a great different take on medieval rpgs. There isn't a story but there are a massive amount of quests to undertake, castles to lay siege to, and lords to over throw. The game never holds your hand and tells you what you should do, it simply leaves it up to you to forge your own path. At times this can be a little daunting but eventually you will find your play style and then start to own battles and lands. Now I made the comparison to Elder Scrolls, and said that the scope was similar and that was right but where these two games diverge is in the graphics department and unfortunately this game is pretty dated looking. Though graphics aside this is a great rpg with hundreds of hours of game play and brutal but satisfying combat. On another note there are a ton of mods for this game, but the one I find to be the best is the Prophecy of Pendor, which is a full fledge expansion to Native and a hell of a lot of fun.

+Tons of content
+Satisfying Combat
+Simulation of Medeival warfare
-Dated Graphics
-Time heavy

Sorry for the short review, I've played tens of hours and I still haven't encounter everything yet.

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  1. Very good review. The only thing that's lacking here are probably the screenshots. Still, I am very satisfied with just what I read. Thanks!