Monday, April 9, 2012

American Reunion Review

          Its been ten years since the original movie, but is the last as funny as the first I would say. I would even go as far as saying this one is funnier then the first outing.

         For a series that has generally been about getting laid and dealing with growing up and finding ones place this comedic series has been one of the better ones (not including the spin-off straight to dvd movies those are terrible). This is by far the series that has made me laugh consistently since the first kick at the bucket. American Reunion is a great raunchy film that never feels like it forces the comedy on the audience but instead brings in things that many married couples and middle aged people tend to go through. When I was in the theatre I noticed a large amount of older couples, but what struck me the most was how much they had been laughing at Jim and Michelles inability to get freaky in so long. The fact that the cast looks considerably older since American Pie brings a little bit of realism to their characters in the film itself.

     Its been a while since the buddies have been seen each other and they thought it would be a good idea to get together during their high school reunion. Oz who was absent from American Wedding is a famous sports anchor in LA, but he secretly wishes his life had gone down a different path. Kevin a work at home husband and probably the best house wife on the planet is in a happy marriage, but would like to reunite the group again. Finch is a wondering soul, travelling from place to place and leads a interesting but lonely life. Stifler works for a entertainment company out of New York, where lets just say he is less then stellar. Which  just leaves Jim a good job and young son leave no time for the misses and even when they're alone they find other ways to "cope". Jim feels like he is losing his marriage and wants to rekindle his love life.

    The kids have grown up so to speak and it is interesting to see how the older characters have changed, more importantly how Jims dad who has now become a widower reacts to when his son comes back for the reunion. Personally Jims dad was always my favourite character and in this film that hasn't changed much, his role is much bigger and his send off at the end had me losing my mind with laughter, it was probably the funniest moment in 2012 cinema so far.

   All in all the situations these 30 somethings get into is a lot similar to what they had gotten into in the iterations past, and this is by far the best comedy that has surfaced in a long while. Its nice to get a movie that after three other entries is still just as funny as the first and this movie is a must see for fans, and a definite watch for everyone else.

+Some truly funny moments
+Someone else has a hot mom
-Still the same humour from the last few, very dirty....just saying

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  1. I had a fine amount of fun to this whole film because I love all of the characters from this series and know what to expect from any of these movies. It isn't hilarious the whole time throughout and definitely doesn't do anything new or original with its premise or jokes, but when the jokes hit, they hit hard and work. Good review Michael. Check out mine when you can.