Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yakuza Dead Souls PS3 Game Review

             Yakuza Dead Souls is different to put it plainly. If you wanted this to be the next game in the series it isn't, this is a side tale or a extra scenario if you will. This isn't a bad game, but it isn't anything spectacular or even remotely on par with other games in the series. Visually this game is Yakuza 4 same engine and same graphics, character models look generally good and the local looks as good as its ever been. Actually the game looks great when the infection quarantines other areas of the game. The locale is the same but with all the ruins and things all over the place it does look refreshing. The zombies look pretty good, especially the special variants. Which there are a few types; Meathead, Cry Baby, Monkey Boy, Boomer, a Flying one, one that looks like a rock pokemon, and a Agrro. A couple of the specials look like they had their concept ripped right out of L4D, it in my opinion is okay but kind of lacklustre. The sound design is okay and so is the sound track, the last game had a track that I actually really liked, its name seems to have left me but it was a great tune. It is clearly absent from this game.

        The gun play isn't as terrible as most reviewers have said but it should have been tighter, aiming feels floaty at times and the camera seems autistic when getting into tight spaces. The guns are your standard hand gun, smg, rifle, sniper, shotgun, gattling, and even a anti mater rifle. They can all be upgraded with varying stat boasts and colour schemes. The one thing I notice was the hit boxes seemed a little off, I knew many times I was firing at their chest but it was hitting legs and arms. All the mini games come back for this game and like the last few they are fun for a while. The hostess can actually join you in the quarantine and when you raise their heart meter to 20. The AI on your partner is pretty dull even when fully upgraded, they tend to get stuck in places and they can't even shake off zombies which is a real drag.

       All in all this game will only appeal to its intended audience, but even then fans maybe few and far between. Honestly playing this game is a nice diversion for the awaited arrival of Yakuza 5 which is supposed to be the biggest game yet.

+New Yakuza Game
-Should have kept old fighting system
-wonky camera
-dull AI
-crazy story, kind of boring
-easy bosses

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