Wednesday, February 8, 2012

May Flash Arcade Stick Review

                         If you are looking for a arcade stick but don't want to sell your kidney's for one then the May flash is for you. Retailing for 39.99 on Amazon this stick is a steal, the fact that it is universal is also a great benefit to its price.  Now this is just your bare bones stick though, but it has everything that one needs to play, the buttons seem good and it is important to note that the stick itself feels very light and when it is on your lap is actually quite conformable. This stick is also compatible with sanwa parts for anyone who wants to customize it. The only negative I have with it is that for me sometimes there is a little input lag on buttons 8 and 4, it's weird it isn't present all the time but it comes and goes. Anyway for the price this is a steal and it is a good starting point for anyone who is interested at stepping there fighting game up.

-Input lag sometimes
-Bare Bones

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