Sunday, February 26, 2012

Major Reviews Planned

             All right people so not this week but the following we have one of my most anticipated game release weeks of the year. Before I get into it, this weeks post's are going to be a little random as I have a busy schedule but don't worry the posts will happen. Back on topic, I am getting both Street Fighter x Tekken and Mass Effect 3. I am trying to have both reviews up by the end of that following weekend, SFxT will be the first review as I can try everything out first shouldn't take more then a couple of hours. That's not really a big deal, I will also be posting various videos on my youtube account from the game so watch out for those. Hopefully SFxT will be good, and will not get another retail release eight months after. I will take the fight online but only to try out how well the netcode works. Mass Effect 3 will probably take me most of Friday and Saturday which I am clearing my schedule for. It my take me longer as I will try and do most of the side content, which I never really did in the first or second one. ME3 will be a long play through and I am contemplating making a video review for it but I will get to that hurdle when the time comes. Anyway I hope you guys have a good week and look forward to the posts to come.

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