Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bakemonogatari Anime Review

Bakemonogatari is a mixture of a lot of things, which makes it good in so many ways. It is not for everyone however.

               Every once and a while a anime comes along that blends a lot of different themes together, many anime fail to do it properly but some do it so well that the only deterrent is that it's over to soon.  Bakemomogatari follows the adventures of Araragi Koyomi a suborn half vampire who helps people with their other worldly dilemmas. These stories provide a good depth to each of the girls that he helps and comes across, it is also important to note that like other anime male characters he is somewhat of a pervy lolicon.  The relationships he builds with all the girls is also a joy to watch, and the amount of tsundere characters is also quite astounding. It is quite impressive to see how he handles these strong women, especially Koyomi and Hitagi. Being a half vampire he takes it upon himself to rid each girl of their troubles physically, and it is in these moments that his true character comes alive. But my favourite characters are Meme and Shinobu a middle age man and a 500 year old vampire who has regressed into a eight year old girl by one of the main characters.

            The art and action sequences are simply beautiful, the transitions are great and the music provides a nice back drop to what is happening on screen. Anyway I think I've rambled on long enough, if you want to watch a great show watch this one. You won't be disappointed trust me. On a separate note, Nisemonogatari is currently airing it is a sequel that adds both his sisters stories to the mix, and delves deeper into Shinobu's relationship with Koyomi. Koyomi vamp is the prequel novel to this whole series which takes us through Koyomi becoming a vampire and Shinobu's true form. This is a great read and the movie should be hitting screens later this year.

-Too short

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