Sunday, January 1, 2012

Whats happening next year and what I plan on doing

So what plans do I have for this year, currently not too much but I will explain.

So this year I plan on doing a lot more photography and because I am not going anywhere this year so I'll have to improvise. I am also deep in my journalist studies at university so that's a big chunk of my year. I also have a Saber Extra dollfie coming in April so I will have two and I have something special planned for that. I plan to also hit the gym more then I have already which is pretty often.

In regards to this blog I will make it a mission to at least make a post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I may be upgrading to my own website, but that is a little far off and I have to see if it's worth it. This post is just a little filler until I come up with my set in stone plans, so look for it latter on in January.

Hope you readers enjoyed the last week of 2011 posts.

See ya on the interwebs ^_^

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