Saturday, January 14, 2012

Character Spotlight: Saber Extra/Nero

Originally I was going to post this yesterday but I was feeling terrible but fear not because today is the day. So if you follow me on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or anywhere you would know that I LOVE the Fate series (F/SN, F/ZERO, F/EXTRA, etc) mainly because it was my first introduction to visual novels and into the Japanese media culture. The only thing that I felt was lacking was my interest in the original Saber. Now don't get me wrong she is one of my top characters but unfortunately she felt kind of bland as a main heroine. A few years later Type Moon makes a game called Fate/Extra and yet again we are introduced to another iteration of a Saber heroine, except this one is way different then the rest. She had almost a arrogant tone to her, her chest was incredibly larger then the original's, her hair was a little longer and wilder, but the biggest difference was the crimson attire she was wearing.

She is in fact, Emperor Nero, the one that killed Christians and burned down Rome. She is very arrogant and some what cruel to the main character. She is my opinion is vastly superior to the original saber because she was considered a villain and a tyrant. Which in fact were lies thrown at her character by the senate. In extra she tries to redeem herself, and deep down she wants to be accepted and loved. It is interesting to not that while she wants to be redeemed and loved by the main character, she is still based on one of the most evil historical characters and it is evident in her Sword Aestus Estus which looks supremely evil.

Anyway I hope you liked that little piece about her, now enjoy her pictures in all their glory. GLORY TO THE EMPEROR!

By the way This Album is where you can go to see all my Saber pic's, but you have to be a Google + member and have me in your circles so yeah. Enjoy the exclusivity.

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