Friday, January 27, 2012

Character Spotlight: Jo

Jo from Burst Angel is one of my all time favourite characters ever, she was so bad ass that her only draw back was that she didn't have enough seasons to be super bad ass. I wouldn't call her a tsundere character but she can be quite testy if her friend/lover Meg is in trouble. Jo is actually a genetically modified human grown in a lab with her other sisters, angels. It was shown that there was only to be one perfect sister so they had a death match on a battleship to see who was the best. Eventually events had played out so that Jo was blasted from the ship and left drifting towards nowhere. Now she was found by a young Meg who at first didn't trust her but after awhile grew attached to her, even going so far as to have feelings for her. Eventually we reach the end of the show and Maria shows up another bio weapon like Jo. A big battle ensues and Jo beats Maria to everyone's surprise, and through this Maria learns the power of emotions and love which she shows to both Meg and Jo as she suicides into the enemy to help them escape. Eventually Jo wakes up, Meg expresses her feelings to Jo which she gives a cold shoulder to even though it is implied she feels the same way and knocks Meg out. What happens next is a orgy of action, explosion, bullets, crazyness basically. We are left with a heart broken Meg walking to the last site Jo was and finding her scarf, and then we see Meg turn into a red clad gun slinger like Jo. As of 2012 we don't know if Jo is dead or alive, because the company decided to blue ball all the fans of this anime and never start the second season. Anyway enjoy the following pictures, and the next character I'll feature is another one of my favourite white haired lady's I bet you can't guess who.

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