Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Burst Angel Anime Review

Burst Angel was always on my favourite anime list, and while it's story isn't anything new in terms of anime it's everything else that this anime offers that makes it one of Gonzos last great titles.  Hot girls, giant mecha, tsundere, moe, oppai, this anime as everything and more. Above all that the action scenes are fast and brutal and the cgi fits pretty well. The music is your standard techno/hard rock soundtrack which is pretty good, though at the time it was a little over used. 

The story goes like this, in the near future a Tokyo where guns have become legal tries to come to grips with it's gang problems and terrorist activities. A group of mercenary women take up various jobs in and around the city and a young chef gets dragged into their crazy lives. You can imagine what hijinks can happen, while the story isn't oscar worthy it in my opinion is better then 80% of the anime that has come after it.

I personally love the art style, and Gonzo was known for it's great looking anime. Every episode had some action in it, and the only gripe I had was how short the series felt. The ova Burst Angel: Infinity was a great addition but nothing followed it up. There was a short trailer for what looked like a second season but it never came to fruition. All in all this is a great anime and a must watch for anyone who likes fast action and cute anime girls with big oppai.


+Fast Action
+Great Art style
+Cute Girls
-Too short 

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