Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ben-To Anime Review

Ben-To a Anime that I never even knew existed but regardless watched anyway, does it stand up to some of the best of the season well find out after the break.

If only I found her in my Ben-To
Here is a show that you either love or hate, while it isn't a terrible show for me its right in the middle of the pack. Here's the summary of the show, people go to super markets all across the town and wait for the ben to boxes to go half price. Once that happens a hellish martial arts infused brawl takes place, the battlegrounds being the super markets themselves. The story is stuff you've seen before, a weak guy becomes enthralled with the super strong heroine. Guy gets tossed around till he becomes a bad ass and wins the eye of not just the cold hearted (but really caring) heroine but also every other pair of boobies in the series. We've all seen it before its nothing new.

While the story is lacking hard, something can be said for the art and the battle scenes themselves. The art was actually well done, which surprised me shows like this are usually filler for time and tend to be on the lower side but the art was pleasing. The fight scenes are all fluid, fast, and brutal. While I have seen some anime with excellent fight scenes and set pieces this show surprised me with how good it's fisticuffs scenes could be.
In closing, I do think there is some good to be had with this show. It's nothing special but a pretty decent venture that if they want could lend it's self another season. Though in what was one of the best years for anime I wonder if middle weight animes will ever be able to rise above their rank.


+Nice Art
+Fight Scenes are cool
-Story is as bland as ever
-Feels rushed/probably not enough material

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