Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Anime Year in Review 2011

Okay so this is my Anime year in review and what a year it was for me. it was the first year in which I kept up with multiple shows. Though the above image is how I feel most anime has been for the last decade.

So this year I think was one of the better years for anime, with strong titles and less fan service (which there will always be some) it was for me at least a good year. I am more of a eighties/nineties anime fan with shows like Gundam and Evangelion being where my love of anime comes from. Though for me Gundams newer series had become stale and lost their edge, which is why Gundam AGE really stands out from the rest of the series. It brings back memories of Amuro Ray and the original series which is a good thing. AGE captures the soul of the original series which is way I loved it back then. Moving on we get shows like Madoka with its ultra violence very mature rated show with magic girls which I actually enjoyed surprisingly. To a show call Dog Days which has my favourite thing in the world Monster Girls! But what really excited me the most was Fate/Zero which is by far the best Fate anime series to date. It is in my mind a near perfect version, now maybe they will bring Fate/Extra into the world of anime that would be great. Anyway this was just a quick little review on my take of anime this year and I know that there are some cool things coming out next year like the Horror title Another and the third Evangelion movie.

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