Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Sections & Updates

Just a update for all you guys/gals who read my blog.
So for my regulars who visit my blog you'll notice a new category called Mike's Corner. Mike's corner is where   I'll post things that are not reviews or previews, so my events, Dollfie Dream, Artist Spotlight, and 3DCG categories will all fall under Mike's Corner. Now this is only a test to see if I like it and if I find it was better off in separate categories then I will change it back, but its always good to try new things. Now some people have been asking me why some of my reviews are short while others are more in-depth, the answer is pretty simple. I like to get straight to the point a review is opinionated and shouldn't be the sole reason for you buying a game. But I like to give me opinion one what and how I feel that certain game or movie is to me. For example next week my Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third review will go live and those reviews are quite lengthy but I think they provide a good understanding on how I feel both games preformed. Anyway I'm putting out this update so people don't freak out when there fav category disappears, its not gone it just conformed to a different category.  

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