Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Review

We've been here many times before but guess what, it's still a hell of a lot of fun.

Plays like a Michael Bay movie, loud noises and explosions make up 99% of the campaign. That's not to say the campaign is bad and in fact it is quite good though in my opinion the original modern warfare had the best campaign this one closes the story pretty well. Though it does take some emotional cheap shots that fans may rage about but its a solid entry into this series of in my opinion stale genre. There is one part of the game where something topples over, but instead of animating the destruction that a falling structure would create they opted to instead hope no one would see it. Trust me you will notice it when you get to the Paris mission in the game, it looks ridiculous and makes me think someone was being lazy.

MW3's multiplayer hasn't been changed that much from the second game, think of it more as tweaking. Nukes are out and the last stand perk is gone. Strike packages are interesting as you can change your streaks for each different class you build. The weapons seem to be more balanced with the Type9 being the only one that has a significant balance issue but its not terrible or makes the game unplayable.  Though the game play online is best describe as twitch shooting as most of the time if your not the first to shoot you will die. I have yet to encounter anything that has made me rage, like in MW2's multiplayer and that's a good thing. One last thing to note, spawn points are terrible in this game.

Looks exactly the same as MW2 no difference there, but it still looks pretty. The frame rate is stable with no pop in so I guess it makes a improvement in MW2 significantly. Though to be honest they made the stages and character models look better and the facial animations are pretty good. The audio is good nothing wrong with it in my opinion, the guns sounds are good and the sound of the bullets passing over your head are a neat touch. The set piece music is pretty good as well, seeing as it adds some emotional tension that you don't really find in this type of game.

MW3 is a step up from MW2 and offers a more welcoming game then BF3 as it is easier to learn then its competition, but with that there are still some flaws especially in the multiplayer that keep the game from true excellence. One last thing to note Call of Duty Elite is pretty much unusable which is ridiculous for a  company to not have something fix two weeks into the releases, I feel bad for the people who wasted their money on the service.

Modern Warfare 3 8.5/10
+Exciting Campaign
+Fun Multiplayer
-Spawn points in MP suck
-Maybe its just me but the FPS genre is getting really stale

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