Monday, October 31, 2011

War of the Dead Movie Review

The most expensive movie in Lithuania's history, and five years in the making is War of the Dead any good or is just another stale and rotten zombie flick.....Well I'll tell you so hit the jump.

So I was in Toronto last week for the Zombie Walk and I figured I would check out the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which is one of the best horror festivals in the world. Marko Mäkilaakso brings us a zombie movie that is well done but lacks a certain scare factor. That in no way, shape, or form is a bad thing as in my case I have yet to see a horror movie that truly scares me. You can't go into this movie thinking your going to watch Dead Snow these two movie's do involve Nazi zombies but both have different aspect on the zombie scale. The zombies in this film are your typical super speed running zombies able to jump over and onto buildings and have super human strength which is another reason for me that takes away from the horror. There is something to be said about the slow malevolent zombie horde, the fact that they will never stop in wanting to partake in a human happy meal and the fact that there are so many of them make it truly horrifying to see a large slow horde. Any the story is about a joint American and Finish task force sent in to destroy a Nazi  bunker only to find that the Russians have taken it over. There are a few truly stunning and surprisingly engaging set pieces like the first battle with the Russians and the bunker scenes are great in all aspects and the use of practical effects is great. With that being said there is one scene were they use cgi and it is so bad that you would think they hired somebody who wasn't accustomed to making graphics, bottom line is that one scene is not enough to take away from a somewhat enjoyable movie. Now the negative stuff, this film is shot at night and at times can be particularly dark and confusing as you don't know what is happening. The script is okay the actors do feel like they're performance is forced and some of the actors accents make the English lines they speak a little bit tricky to understand. All in all this movie doesn't disappoint, it is a zombie movie and it is one of the better ones.

Movie 7/10

+Great Set Pieces
+Plot is good
-Over Acting
-CGI is terrible and noticeable 

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