Sunday, October 16, 2011

JN252: Remixing the Culture, for the better?

Remixing, the voice of the people. While that last statement might not be entirely correct, it's not far from the truth.

I have always loved remixes, except when the famous singers do them because it seems that's all they do and nothing else which essentially means they have no  talent to speak of cough (Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber). I digress when normal people create remixes I generally find them fascinating and I always love to see what the next person does to add or take away from the original product. The concept behind remixing is not a new one and like I stated above singers have been doing it for years so why is that you say. It tends to boil down to what big conglomerations own and their stranglehold on the industry, meaning that unless you have the money to buy rights you will never be allowed to use that song for any other purposes other then listening to it.

Which I think is a bunch of Hong Kong Phooey, remixing is often a creative outlet for people to get seen and heard. Is it bad, I don't think so but most of the big guys would tell you other wise. That it takes away precious dollars from those hard working singer/songwriters or whoever is losing profit from you transgression. For that fact and many others I think it's a good thing, it brings people together and let's their creative spark ignite.

For journalists remixing is a dangerous game that nine times out of ten will net you into some major trouble. I don't believe anyone should not try remixing, but when you look at what a journalist does and what are the ramifications if some takes action against a remix a journalist did publicly it's a really tight rope to be walking on for a journalist. Anyway enough of that remixing the culture is a great way to create new types of culture from the old. It brings together people from other walks of life and generally it is enjoyed by all (except the big conglomerations, but who really loves them).

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  1. Good thoughts here Michael! :D Tip: try to be a bit more focussed in your posts. Be clear about what your point is and support it.