Tuesday, October 25, 2011

JN252 Over Crowded Slideshow

I found this slide show on Reuters and it is one of my favourites from that site. So let me start by breaking it down into the 7 main digital story elements.

  1. Point of View
  2. Dramatic Question
  3. Emotional Content
  4. The Gift of Voice
  5. The Power of Soundtrack
  6. Economy
  7. Pacing

Point of View

It seems that the pov is how crowded the district is, and how it is possible for people to be living in a place that truly has no personal space. It's more about confinement and possibly suffering. 

Dramatic Question

The slide show tells us that this place is inhabited by many people but it never really shows many instances where there is an overload of said people. It shows us that the living quarters are tiny, but it doesn't show how it effects the people living in them.

Emotional Content

It could be very emotional and in depth, people suffering because they have no space. Living in cramped spaces could lead to all sorts of mental and physical health problems. 

The Gift of Voice

I didn't see much of it in this piece.

The Power of Soundtrack

Again like the one above I couldn't tell what it was.


For the most part this slide show does a good job of depicting how small these places are and how many people are living confined in them. Though there had been a few pictures that could have been better if they showed some people in them.


The picture or seems to be well done, first comes a shot of a big crowd then back to shots of loneliness or singular people. For the most part the pacing is pretty good.

There it is, my take on the Mong Kok district slide show from Reuters.

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