Sunday, October 2, 2011

JN252: Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

I am not going to lie, a few months ago I had no idea who this journalist was or what he did. After a class in which I we watched one of his video game reviews I knew that I would like his style of reviews. Even if for the most part he bashes a few of my favourite games its no big deal to me. This guy does something with his reviews that make them fresh and enjoyable, compared to almost everyone else in the biz today. The video's are clever, funny, and for the most part insightful as he will draw your attention to things that you may have passed on before or hadn't even noticed. Anyway it's nice to see a fresh take on reviews as the industry is in my own opinion falling flat on their asses to produce suck up reviews for mediocre games and the companies that produce them. Even G4 which I loved dearly fell from grace a long time ago and is now filling their time slots with stupid pointless shows and their prime shows have become nothing more then asinine banter.

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  1. Ben Yahtzee eh? :D

    Good, but could've used more elaboration. What exactly is it about his style that you like? How does he use it to tell his own story? Dig a little deeper...