Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Gia

This is something new I have been wanting to start for a while, here and on my blog. In which I find my favourite Pixiv artists and show off their pics and their own unique styles. I'm not sure how often I will post these maybe two or three times a week or on the weekend who knows but I want to make this if it goes well a regular thing since most of my posting here is sporadic and I tend to only do reviews on my Blog. Anyway that's that so without further deviation here is the cool art of Gia.

I was perusing Sankaku Complex one day when this one picture caught my eye. At the time I was looking for good robot/cyborg girl pictures for a collection project I had been tasked to do. To be fair there are a ton in that category but I would have to say half had to do with Kos-Mos (not that that's a bad thing) and the other half to me was just alright nothing that was too spectacular.
That's when I stumbled upon Gia's original character called O2 now what got me interested was the design and characteristic of this picture. To me this was epic just on the fact that it wasn't a Miku picture (Complex is flooded with them) and secondly this was a picture that fit the bill I was looking for 100%. Not only is it a cool concept but the way it was presented and drawn was better then all the other robo pictures I saw that day.
Anyway I found out from that picture who the artist was and found their Pixiv profile which showcased other characters based on chemicals or Bio-hazards. They had all been weaponized as robo girls and where deceptively kawaii. In addition Gia also has other mecha and robo pictures are of a high caliber and deserves to be viewed as excellent pieces of art. Gia also does some rather impressive Touhou art which is fresh and always nice to see since there are literally hundreds of thousands of Touhou pictures. Trust me I tried to make a complete Sakuya Izayoi picture collection and as of now I have over 2000 of them and nowhere close to completion.
Anyway I digress, I'll leave you now with some of Gia's work for your viewing pleasure and as always check out my Blog and Flickr page for some exciting pictures and EPIC/insightful reviews.

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  1. Is this off an anime?Because it look like it is and it's so cool looking!