Thursday, September 15, 2011

Disgaea 4 PS3 Review

Endless battles, endless grinding, mega damage combos, you know what game this is. Full of zany over the topness only Japan can produce so go a head and take a dump on common sense.

Disgaea 4 is what the third game should have been, but i loved that entry and I sure as hell love this one. You won't find a better or more perfect example of a hardcore Japanese turn based strategy game anywhere else. Many games have tried and those exact same ones have failed time and time again. With that being said this really is a niche game and if you don't light level grinding or any grinding for that matter then there's the door have a nice day. Disgaea 4 feels similar to the first game in the series but if it isn't broken why fix it and while it may play the same it is still addicting as it should be. Anyway lets get right into the meat of this review.

The Story

You are Valvatorez a vampire who refuses to drink human blood and as such has fallen to hades to become a prinny instructor (the least wanted job in the netherworld). While the story is long and can be a bit boring the characters more then make up for it. Valvatorez as the main character is way better then Mao or Adell ever had been and as is the case in most Disgaea games he is less demon like then he should be. Fenrich his werewolf sidekick is a tsundere type character who like our home boy is a cool character. Fuka the sole human in the story can be a little bothersome but she does have her moments. Desco whom I adore is a cute monster powerhouse and is quite possible the strongest most badass character in the game. Emizel is okay not taking away or bringing anything to the game. Last but not least is Valcanus who if you pay attention  to the story is pretty obvious who she really is. Wait never mind I said that she of course is the last female and oppai extravaganza part of the team. She is one of the more likeable characters in the game. The story is long and for Disgaea fans very satisfying but unlike the other games there is no character death endings in this one.

The Visuals/Music

Are 100% better then the original and look awesome in HD. Though if you liked the old school vibe you can change it back in the options menu. There is just so much colour in this game its amazing, not to mention the amount of detail that has been added to this entry. The character models look awesome and I especially like the new robot classes as they add a cool science fiction element to the game. The outrageous attacks are all flashy, colourful, and in your face and they will make you as giddy as a school girl when you realised you just did 1 million damage.

The Game Play

Plays exactly the same as the other three. It hasn't changed which is a good thing. Though what has been added gives this game a ton more things to do: You can customize pirates and invade others worlds, create your own base and or maps, as well as send your senators to other peoples senate. It's all there and will provide hours of enjoyment. The item/character world is back for more hours of grinding and levelling as are the Mt. of ordeals and the land of carnage. Though there are less human classes in Disgaea 4, Nis decided to take away a lot of the roles with dual genders and tried to focus more on the monster classes which are good this time around. All the classes this time around are actually very useful and I find myself trying them all, though my favourite's will always be the heavy knight and the mage knight. Some people will be happy to learn that the majin class is gone....only to be replaced with the andriod class which is the same thing but has better starting stat's and if you invest the time can be your best character. The core game play is untouched and you know what it doesn't have to be, it works.


There are no flaws in this game, this is the perfect turn based strategy game on a console period. It is a niche game however and only appeal to the most loyal of fans.

Disgaea 4 10/10

-Grinding can take a looooooooooong time

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