Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Review

The best of the series and a sure summer block buster, Transformers 3 proves that with a little bit of focus and fine tuning you can go from a mess (Revenge of the Fallen) to something that is coherent and enjoyable for what it is.

Transformers 3 does well what made the first enjoyable and just adds more onto that formula, a plot that can be followed by normal thinking human beings and robots that stay on till they die (no magic show here all bots stay on till they die or the credits roll). Anyway while not to spoil anything essentially humanity is on the brink of collapse and Mr. Shia must help the Autobots save humanity and do battle with Decepticons destroying and taking over........Yeah its pretty much the exact same plot like the last too except new places to blow up and omg people actually get vaporized in this movie. Which you would think happen but to see it in a film like this is actually quite brave (though no blood of course, cause you know the human body is mainly consisted of water). There are a few new Autobots (the wreckers in particular were a nice addition) while they killed quite a few off. New Decepticons, though Soundwave was supposed to be the main villain in this movie I did not get that vibe from his character. Another bonus is the absence of Megan Fox whose character was essentially a skank but we'll put that under the rug for now. Replacing the Incredible Mrs. Fox is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and while her performance is not oscar worthy it is fine and at least bearable. Shia is Shia he does his thing and its still pretty good, lots of screaming and Optimus' you know the deal his giving. What impressed me the most was how good this movie looks in 3D, everything looks incredible and the set pieces are pure visual bliss to watch the action unfolding. This needs to be experienced rather than just watched as the 3D in my opinion is better used than Avatar (which actually made my brain hurt cause of the 3D in that movie). Anyway solid cast, solid movie its one not to miss this summer.

Movies 4/5

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