Monday, June 27, 2011

Dead or Alive: Dimensions Review (3DS)

So this review was supposed to be earlier but I've been pressed for time but lets start this thang. Dead or Alive: Dimensions is really well done, for many reasons which include but not limited to: look/feel of the game, the controls, variety of stages, and the amount of characters and costumes.

First things first DOA is a fighting game franchise from Tecmo, first introduced in 1996 and would eventually see many four sequels and two spinoff beach games which most people should know about. Anyway the fighting primarily consisted of powerful combo's and reversing which wasn't seen in Tekken, Virtual Fighter, Soul Calibur, etc. Though this sounds simple enough it can be hard to master perfect timing and become a reversal master. Dimensions for the 3DS follows suit with the game play that everyone would expect for the series. Though with the added screen displays combo's and tapping one will make the character perform the combo, this is actually quite useful especially if you want to learn how to manually do them. Now I've heard many people complain that by adding something like this it makes terrible players cheaters and destroys the game for the pro's. My answer to this is simple people who really solely on the touch controls are actually really easy to beat and present no challenge especially to veterans of the series. Plus in online matches you can tell when your opponent is spamming the hell out of moves. Every time a touch control is issued a little 3DS appears on screen to show both players who's using the extra help. Personally I don't mind if people play like that its there game let them play the way they want makes no difference to me. Anyway the controls for the game are time and responsive and add a satisfying pleasure when you unleash a massive combo.
The score for this game is typical fighting game music, but it sounds good and fits well with each stage. The graphics look excellent and show off what the system can do, it is pleasant to watch the detailed costumes on each character and see what has been add for the new game. Tecmo has added figures to collect like SSF4:3D which you get for winning fights and such. While these figures are nice to look at they don't really offer much except to collect and take screenshots with, they are detailed and look good. The stages themselves are multi tiered and are highly interactive especially when you throw your opponent of a bridge its satisfying and fun to watch as they fall and take massive damage. The 3D in this game works well (better in the cut scenes) but I found myself turning it off during regular matches and online play.
All the characters return in this game and each play as they should and feel responsive and look just as good as they always have. Though if your looking to play as the Spartan you won't find her in here cause this is Nintendos platform so yeah that should explain it. Anyway the characters all look excellent and the promise of new costumes is nice so each character will eventually have loads of costumes, to tool around with. Chances are if you know your character pretty well then they generally act the same in this game which is good for a portable fighter. What's the point of all these characters if you don't have good modes to play with. Which thankfully this game as a pretty decent selection to choose from. The modes are as follows: Chronicle (Story/Tutorial mode), Arcade, Survival, Tag, Free play, Training, Local/Internet Play, Throw Down, and Showcase (Figures). Chronicle is good for new plays and is nice and easy, plus its the only way to unlock the characters. The other modes are good and are the bread and butter of this game. What surprised me the most was the online play which is quite good even though I have experienced a significant amount of lag (but that's my problem). The Throw Down mode is a spot pass feature where you have the ability to fight a ghost of the Tecmo team, these range so far from insanely easy to hellishly hard but are satisfying if you win (plus you get a special figure if you win/lose).

 In conclusion, this game is perfect for DOA players and fighting game fans. The modes are satisfying and so is the controls/game play/characters pretty much everything about this game is excellent. This is THE best fighter so far for the 3DS better then Street Fighter (My Favourite Franchise) and way way way better then BlazBlue (which I liked but had many problems). I suggest that people pick this game up as its one of the best so far.

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Game 5/5
Visual 5/5
Audio 5/5
Multiplayer 5/5
Lasting Appeal 5/5
Overall 5/5

Got lots of things to review so here is the schedule I think I will work to:

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D  (3DS)                                                                                                                                                          


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