Saturday, February 19, 2011

Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Special Edition Review

So as promised this is my review of MvC3:FOTW and let me just tell you right of the bat, its a amazing sequel worthy of the MvC title.
So what would you say if I told you that Viewtiful Joe, Arthur (G'n'G), and Ameratasu were to go up against a team composed of M.O.D.O.K, Dormammu, and Taskmaster well you would say that's impossible because they are not ever in a single game. Well I'm here to tell you that its now possible (and highly enjoyable) to make ridiculous teams like these and go head to head with them. This is the 8th Vs. game from Capcom and it is the most polished and intense fighter from the company. You can really tell how much love Capcom put into this game, from all those others they brought the best of the past and spruced it up to today's awesome standards. While this roster is quite impressive it's not as big as MvC2 (52), with that being said all the characters feel more polished and are balanced more so then the other game. There are characters that will be used over and over again (Deadpool/Dante) but with the right moves they can be taken down be any and all characters.

There are a few modes and they are broken up into two categories Offline/Online and while there are not that many its alright because the core game play remains the same. It is important to note that their was virtually no lag in the matches that I played. The boss battle like the previous two MvC's remain the same but this one feels cooler for some reason (I won't spoil the end boss for people who haven't played). At the heart of this game that is what really matter strong game play with cool super moves and beautiful attacks. Boy oh boy are the visuals breathtaking, this game definitely looks comic bookish and everything poops out (it is important to note that Deadpool is one of the most comical characters I have seen in a long time) this is evident in all the supers for each character. From Logans weapon-X super to Akumas Shinku-Gadoken moves they all look awesome. This is a game that is pleasing to the eyes as it's pleasing to play. The music is your standard fighter fare with some cool techno scores and some updated old school tones make the audio just as good as the visuals. Each characters voice fits and sounds super cool especially when uttering their super move phrases.

This being the Special edition of the game it came with the awesome steel back as the pictures above suggest. I bought the SE from the Capcom store so I got the "waste of Flesh" t-shirt which is cool. It also comes with a little graphic novel and artwork for the game. One month free of Marvel Comics online and the download code for Jill & Shuma when they are available March 15, 2011.  

(Spoiler Alert )

In conclusion, this is a must buy for Capcom & Marvel fans as well as veterans of the MvC series. So I hope you pick it up and excuse me while I beat the crap out of Gala......oh jeez

Game 5/5
Visual 5/5
Audio 5/5
Multiplayer 5/5

Lasting Appeal 5/5 (Hopefully another 10 years)
Overall 5/5

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