Monday, December 13, 2010

Fraulein Revoltech Ayanami Rei 019 Review

So how should I start this review off? I am a mega Evangelion fan, have been watching the show since its start 20 years ago. I also try to pick up all the Evangelion stuff I can get my hands on. So when I saw this figure at Silver Snail I had to pick it up. This is the second Rei revoltech figure, now some said the first is better but I think not (photo's of her can be found HERE) I love how she looks and the paint job on her is better then most of the Revoltechs I have seen in the past. One thing of note however is the absence of the spear of longinus as an accessory makes me saddened but is only a small flaw in an incredible figure. The joints of the figure are good and she can stand up by herself which for a figure is great, though sitting poses are almost impossible, kneeling poses work great however. She does come with a cell phone and the glasses of Gendo Ikari. I love this figure and I recommend it for any collector or avid fan.


  1. Actually this one is the third Revoltech Rei.

  2. Do you have both if so are they the same scale?