Thursday, November 18, 2010

In-Depth Reporting: Volks Dollfie Dream and Super Dollfie

So for my first in-depth reporting I have decided to tackle a expensive hobby and one that is gaining popularity in the east as well as the west.

So for those of you who don't know who Volk's is or what the heck is a Dollfie Dream or Super Dollfie, to put it simply they are artistic dolls that people collect and dress up in various outfits and can be posed in many different poses (great for photography). Now these are nothing like the Barbie dolls as these can easily run anywhere from 300 dollars to some of the limited ones being well over 2000 in auctions across the web. You might be wondering why people would invest massive amounts of money doing this. For many people they see a Dollfie body as a artistic space where they can paint, colour, and customize to their own personal liking. Just a few things about the company Volk's, they started out in 1972 as a small hobby shop but did not start making the dolls til roughly the late 90's. Now Volk's has over 30 shops world wide and nets about 50 million dollars a year from dollfie's and their other hobby products. Back to the doll's themselves, they are refereed to BJD (ball jointed dolls) since you guessed it all the joints rotate on balls. They also have a skeletal system that means they will never lose a pose once in said pose, great for photography and painting. By no means is this hobby cheap but when you compare it to video gaming and the amount you spend on the systems and games it averages out to being cheaper in the long run. As well as having sentimental value that a videogame can't have. They are also referred to as daughters by their owners and the more avid owners have multiple dolls and each has a different wardrobe. Currently Volk's has two standard models which are Aoi and Yukino and roughly run for around 325 dollars. These dolls come complete so you won't have to worry about any of the parts (unless you want different parts). If you don't like the two then you can choose a body, head, eyes, hands, and hair and have a truly unique doll all your own. This can run you anywhere from 300-500$ depending on blank heads or specialty heads (artistic ones). Here are some links so you can check out the doll's and get more info for yourselves, I have only just skimed the surface but I have givin you guys (and gals) the key to the kingdom enjoy.
Volks Usa
Culture Japan
Figure.FM (click on dollfie section)
Dollfie Home

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