Friday, November 12, 2010

Death Note Collection Blu-Ray Review

 So Death Note is many things to many people but to me its a decent movie adaptation of an slightly above average manga. 
Being the collection this has both the blu-ray editions and both of them look especially good on 1080p T.V's. Both versions of the movie contain the original audio tracks with English subs, and the overdubbed version which is actually hilarious and a must watch. The third disk only contains behind the scenes which is okay but there could have been more in the way of special features. The movies for the most part follow the story faithfully and only slightly divert from where the manga started to make no sense. This collection cost me 36.99 which is a good price for two blu-rays and a third bonus disk. Anyway this is a must buy for fans of the anime or manga and anyone who loves Japanese adaptations.

Movies 4/5
Visual 4/5
Audio 4/5
Extra's 3/5
Overall 3.2/5

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